Danube Delta All inclusive – 4 days/3 nights stay in Mila 23

At the end of this presentation you will find a table with availability and prices.

Package includes the following :

  • -  Transfer from Tulcea city to Mila 23 (the heart of the Danube Delta) and return with boarding house’s speed boats. The journey to Mila 23 will be done on a touristic route, and the return on the Danube;
  • -  Accommodation for 3 nights in double or triple room – with private bathroom, air conditioning and satellite TV;
  • -  4 excursions to the Delta by motor boat:
  •                1- Sunset on the lake;
  •                2- Letea Forest – with transfer through lakes and canals;
  •                3- Sulina – Black Sea beach access;
  •                4- Bouquet of lakes and canals in the Mila 23 area, with a stop at St. Athanasius Monastery (Hermitage);
  • -  All meals, except for the lunch on the day of visiting Sulina. Your stay begins with dinner on the first day and ends with breakfast on the last day;
  • -  Safari car tickets to visit the Letea Forest;
  • -  Guide/boatman services, speaker of Romanian and Russian language;
  • -  Access permit to the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve.
  • -  And a Special (we believe) SURPRISE  – To diversify a bit our offer, we added a surprise that will take place in one of the evenings (usually last night).
  • You can choose  stays from Thursday to Sunday or from Sunday till Wednesday (except for Pentecostal Stay 14-17 June – Friday to Monday and 17-20 June – Monday to Thursday)
  • Depending on the time of the year, the prices, for all the above services, are  between  220 and 260 euros per person per stay.
  • There is no minimum limit of persons  for this offer. Maximum no. of people: 26.
  • Stays of St. Mary (11-15 August) and 7-11 August will be stays of 4 nights / 5 days, which, besides the 3 nights / 4 days package presented above, includes one more night full board accommodation and one more excursion – Fortuna lake and surroundings.

Below we present the description of a stay program and in the end a table with availability and the prices per stay:

Day 1

Arrival of guests in Tulcea by 15.00.

The address you must reach is PORT TULCEA AVAL, which appears on Google Maps. The entrance to the port is made via Gradinarilor Street. GPS coordinates are LAT: 45 ° 11’14.75 “N, LONG: 28 ° 48’27.17″ E.

Landmarks: on Gradinarilor street there is a large indicator panel that directs you to the entrance to PORT TULCEA AVAL. 150 m further on there will be 2 gates. Enter the left gate and you will reach the place for embarkation.

Here you can park your cars in a guarded, paid parking lot. The price is 15 lei/car/day.

One or two days prior to your arrival, we will text you the phone number of the guide that will collect you by boat.

Between 15.00-15.30 you have enough time to transfer your luggage to the boat and to prepare for your journey.

  • Right next to the parking lot, there is a pontoon from which the embarkation for Mila 23 is taking place. The journey will be done on a tourist route,  Tulcea – Tulcea Branch – Mila Canal 35 – Sireasa Gorge, Sontea – Olguta Canal – Dunarea Veche – Mila 23 village. Duration of the trip is about 1.5 h.
  • At 15.30 the boat will leave to Mila 23.
  • Careful! Since there will be more groups in the boat, the boat will not be able to wait for you in Tulcea if you are late, so please take a spare time margin, when coming from the airport to Tulcea city, to avoid surprises related to traffic, finding the address, etc.
  • The guesthouse Inima Deltei, where you will accommodate, has a large courtyard with lawn, sun thatched umbrellas and sun chairs, a dining room and a reed shade for the summer and double or triple rooms with private bathrooms, air conditioning and satellite TV.
  • The meals will be served in the courtyard pergola or, in case of unfriendly weather, in the dining room.
  • On completion of check-in, fishermen dinner is served. Since you’ve been travelling most of the day, we will be waiting for you with a lunch menu, which includes fish borsch, followed by a second course based on fish and a dessert.
  • In the menu of each lunch and dinner still water is included (0.5 l / person). Every day, for lunch and dinner, you will be served the menu of the day, which is cooked mainly from fish, except the last dinner when we prepare a traditional Romanian style menu based on chicken. The menu is the same for the whole group.
  • Right after dinner, the group will go on a boat trip, having the chance to admire a sunset on a lake near Mila 23 village.

Day 2

At 8.30  breakfast is served.

At 9.30boat trip to Letea village and forest.

The trip to Letea passes through  several lakes and canals featuring unique landscapes. Do not forget your cameras !

Throughout the period spent in the Danube Delta, the boats will be driven by locals who were born and currently live in the village of Mila 23 and who know best all the delta’s “hiding places”, some canals, lakes and backwater where you’ll navigate, which will not appear on any map.

Once in the village of Letea, the group will land on shore and will be taken over by a field car that will ensure the transfer between the village and the Letea Forest (about 7 km). During the Letea forest trip you will be taken to a halting place where the famous wild horses of Letea can be seen.

  • The visit to the forest takes about an hour and a half. During the journey to the forest you will be accompanied by a guide.
  • After visiting the Letea forest, you will go to Sulina. You’ll arrive in Sulina city around 13.30.
  • Once in Sulina, for a few hours the group will have a free program. During this time, you can visit the city’s promontory, the churches, the old lighthouse or the international cemetery. Also, you can take a minibus to get to the beach.
  • The day’s lunch is not included in the price, but there are several dining options at Sulina’s restaurants or beach terraces. While at our guesthouse you will enjoy specialties from the Danube, you can order various kinds of sea fish in Sulina.
  • From the city to the Danube’s flowing into the sea (Bara Sulina) there are still 7 km. If the weather is favorable/fine, and if there are no big waves or the storm at sea, and there are at least 8 adults in the group who want to go to the Danube’s mouth, this optional trip costs 50 lei / person.
  • At 17.00, the group is to meet again at the pontoon where the boat is anchored, to leave for the Mila 23. As of June 15th, when the weather gets warmer, the departure to Mila 23 will be at 18.00 as to give you the opportunity to spend more time at the beach.

Dinner (fish specialties/dishes) is served at 19.00 and, because you will be sure exhausted after a full day of boat ride, the dinner menu will be a lunch menu (also contains soup).

Day 3

At 8.30  breakfast is served.

At 9.30 – the group will go on excursion, an opportunity to admire the lakes in the Mila 23 area: Eracle Canal – Lake Radacinos – Lake Trei Iezere – Lake Ciulini – Babina Lake.

During this excursion, there is a stop at St. Athanasius Monastery, the only monastery located in the Danube Delta, located on Grindul Stipoc between Mila 23 and Chilia Veche.

  • At 13.30, guests are invited to have lunch (fish specialties).
  • In the afternoon of the third day, guests can relax, visit Mila 23 village, lay on the sun chairs, fishing from the guesthouse’s pontoon or rent a fishing boat from the guesthouse.
  • Optionally, a trip to the lakes and canals around Lake Fortuna, one of the largest lakes in the Danube Delta, can be ordered. The price is 80 lei per person and a minimum of 6 people is required.
  • At 19:00  dinner is served. There will be a traditional Romanian style menu with chicken.

Day 4

At 8.30  breakfast is served.

At 10.00  return trip to Tulcea, where you will arrive no later than 11.30.

Things to know

  • Beverages are not included in the price (except for breakfast and natural still water at noon and dinner), which can be purchased at the shops nearby the guesthouse.
  • The price of car parking in Tulcea is not included in the price (the price is 15 lei/car/day).
  • It is not included in the price the optional trip from Sulina to the Danube Mouth into the Black Sea. This trip can only be made if the weather conditions allow it (the guide will decide). The trip is only organized if there are at least 8 adults in the group. The price is 50 lei/person. The children benefit from the 50% and 75% discounts, depending on their age.
  • It is not included in the price the optional excursion to Fortuna Lake and its surroundings, one of the largest lakes in the Danube Delta. The price is 80 lei per person and a minimum of 6 people is required. The children benefit from the 50% and 75% discounts, depending on their age.
  • If a person wishes to stay single in a double room, he / she will pay extra 300 lei on top of the price in the table for the whole stay (price difference for the room cost) or two persons in the triple room will be paid extra 200 lei on top of the price in the table for the whole stay (price difference for the room cost).
  • Children policy :
  • Children up to 6 years – pay 25% of the total price of the stay
  • Children between 6 and 12 years old – pay 50% of the price of the stay
  • Children over 12 years of age pay full price.
  • To ensure that there is no dispute as regards the age of the children, please bring your children’s birth certificates (or passports). Otherwise we reserve the right to include the child the way we evaluate his age.
  • In order to enjoy as much as possible the unique landscapes in the delta, the transfers Tulcea-Mila 23 and returns, as well as the lakes and canal excursions, which will be made with an open speed boat, to prevent any inconvenience that may occur during boat trips caused by weather, please have with you following equipment : raincoats (in all seasons), thick clothing, jackets and hats (spring and autumn), hats, sunglasses and sun cream (summer).
  • Baggage storage is limited. In this regard, we ask that each person should not have more than one reasonable size baggage. Small hand baggage is also accepted on board. If you come with more luggage, they may not fit in the specially designed compartments, making you uncomfortable during the Tulcea-Mila 23 transfers and return.
  • Since there are 4 food stores in Mila 23 village where you can find drinks at reasonable prices (transport of goods is subsidized), please do not bring with you boxes/packs of mineral water or beer because there is a risk of not having place in the boat.
  • No pets allowed!
  • Reservation of an all-inclusive package becomes effective when paying  down a 30% cash advance of the value of the package. The rest will be paid upon arrival at the guesthouse. Advance is non refundable.
  • Our guesthouse does not have a POS. So, you can not pay with a credit card. There is also no ATM in Mila 23 village.

For bookings or additional information:

+40-721-940770 – Roman – speaks English, Russian and Romanian

+40-749-852034 – Maria – speaks English, French and Romanian

+40-768-588542 – Dumitrina – speaks Russian and Romanian

e-mail: molo1972@yahoo.com

Tours and Prices – 2019                    

 Stay duration
 Price / person / stay
26-29 april 260 Euro – Easter stay
29 apr -2 may    260 Euro – 1 Mai stay
2-5 may   230 Euro
5-8 may    220 Euro
9-12 may     230 Euro
12-15 may    220 Euro
16-19 may   230 Euro
19-22 may    220 Euro
23-26 may   230 Euro
26-29 may    220 Euro
30 may-2 june     240 Euro – 1 June stay
2-5 june      220 Euro
6-9 june   230 Euro
9-12 june    220 Euro
14-17 june   260 Euro – Pentecost stay
17-20 june     240 Euro
20-23 june     250 Euro
23-26 june   240 Euro
27-30 june    250 Euro
30 june-3 july   240 Euro
4-7 july    250 Euro
7-10 july   240 Euro
11-14 july    250 Euro
14-17 july   260 Euro
18-21 july   260 Euro
21-24 july   260 Euro
25-28 july   260 Euro
28-31 july   260 Euro
1-4 august   260 Euro
4-7 august   260 Euro
7-11 august   320 Euro- 4 nights/5 days stay
11-15 august 330 Euro- St.Mary stay- 4 nights/5 days
15-18 august   290 Euro- St.Mary stay
18-21 august   260 Euro
22-25 august   260 Euro
25-28 august   260 Euro
29 aug-1 sept   260 Euro
1-4 september   260 Euro
5-8 september   260 Euro
8-11 september   240 Euro
12-15 september   250 Euro
15-18 september   240 Euro
19-22 september   250 Euro
22-25 september     220 Euro
 26-29 september     230 Euro
 29 sept-2 october     220 Euro

For bookings or additional information:


+40-721-940770 – Roman – speaks English, Russian and Romanian

+40-761-677161 – Maria – speaks English, French and Romanian

+40-768-588542 – Dumitrina – speaks Russian and Romanian


e-mail: molo1972@yahoo.com