MILA 23  Village

          Mila 23 is a small fishermen village in the Danube Delta, located on the old Danube arm known for the best fishing spots and the best traditional fish food. It is located in the northern part of the county, in the Danube Delta, 53 km from Tulcea, on the Old Danube that branches off to the left of the Sulina branch, about halfway between Tulcea and the Black Sea.

          It is highlighted by its isolation, the access being possible only by water, it is surrounded by canals, lakes and reeds, which makes it a desirable destination for all who seek rest and quiet and, of course, untouched nature.

          Locals, most Russian Lipovans, engage in fishing, tourism and are very hospitable and communicative.

          Position of  Mila 23 village right in the heart of Danube Delta makes it the ideal point for organizing excursions to different delta directions : to the lake bouquet -Radacinos, Bogdaproste, Trei Iezere, Arehova, Babina, Matita si Merhei, to monastery Schitul Sf.Atanasie of Grindul Stipoc, to Fortuna lake and surroundings through Sontea Canal, to Nebunu and Baclanestii Mari lakes through Olguta Canal, to Crisan and Caraorman, to Letea Forest or Sulina. Therefore, it is possible to visit a big part of Danube Delta in a relatively short time.

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