How do I get to Inima Deltei Guesthouse in Mila 23 ?

Attention! The Mila 23 resort can be reached only by boat, leaving from Tulcea.

The only public transportation is the classical passenger ship of Navrom to Sulina, departing from Tulcea at 13.30 near the bus station, descending to Crisan and there is a smaller ship connecting to Mila 23. This is the cheapest but longest route in terms of time (it takes about 4 hours).

For those who want to arrive in a short time we can arrange for transport with speed boats, the trip to Mila 23 takes just an hour, and the boat can pick you up anytime between 7.00-19.00.

Below you will find several maps of the routes linking the main cities in Romania to Tulcea Port Aval-the embarking point for Inima Deltei Boarding House – Mila 23.

Embarkation point from Tulcea to Inima Deltei

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